Tie modern Advent wreath itself - it's that easy

In less than a week is the first Advent and heralds the most contemplative time of the year. Tying the Christmas wreath itself has been part of my Christmas tradition since my childhood. As long as I can remember, my mom has tied our Advent wreath itself, always a little more unconventional and wilder. Always with material from your own garden. At Bindgrün she always used fir, cherry laurel and ivy.

As soon as I was old enough, I was allowed to help her and even when I was no longer living at home, my mom and later my sister and I tied our Advent wreath in the garden ourselves. Most with freezing cold and with a warm drink. Until you almost did not feel your fingers from the cold. But with a warm feeling of pride in the stomach and a lot of creativity in the air. Unfortunately I bind my Christmas wreath a few years ago because of my job already a little earlier and thus often alone. Would not be so contemplative if I would take pictures every time in between every step.

But it's a pity, because tying the Christmas wreath itself is really a beautiful tradition that I would like to continue with my children as soon as they are old enough. It's also a lot of fun with friends.

Tying the Advent wreath itself - tradition meets modernity

Required material:

  • various bindings: modern - various types of eucalyptus, thistles, silver rosemary, mimosa; classic - silvery fir, fir, cherry laurel, ivy, larch twigs
  • Binding wire (from the hardware store or flower shop)
  • side cutter
  • straw wreath
  • secateurs
  • 4 candle spouts with matching candles
  • different little christmas balls as decoration

And this is how it's done:

  1. Sort the binding green and cut it with the secateurs. A good length is 8-10cm.
  2. Then wrap the wire once around the straw wreath and twirl well, so nothing can rise.
  3. Next, summarize individual stems as small bundles in your hand. Then lay this little bundle on the straw wreath and use the wire to wrap the ends of the stems tightly around the straw wreath.
  4. Thereafter, the next tuft bundle is placed so that the stems are well covered by the previous one. Wrap the stems tightly with the wire again. Repeat the step until the DIY Advent wreath is completely tied around. Tip : make sure that the inside and outside of the wreath are well covered by the tying green and the wreath is uniformly thick everywhere.
  5. To finish the wreath clean, remove the stems from the last bundle under the first bundle.
  6. Then decorate the wreath with a few greenery highlights. I used mini succulents and eucalyptus capsules here. In addition a few larch branches. Simply push the twigs under the twig. The succulents are super fix with hairpins and need to be sprayed now and then with a little water.
  7. Finally, put the candlesticks in and decorate the wreath with a few small Christmas tree pendants.

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